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Fun post about Dutch friends and mouth-watering goodies. Isn't it odd you showed a photo of the "Syrup Waffle", and just yesterday when Gene and I went to the local farmer's market here at Lakes Park in Fort Myers we sampled an authentic Stroopwaffel! There is a Dutch vendor who sells them and also makes fresh beignets - we chose the mini-size (tray of 8 for $5 -- 4 blueberry & 4 apple) which we watched him make and then ate them while they were still quite warm. Yum! Next Friday I will look for more goodies at his stand.
I hope we get to meet Bart & Claire some day.


I'm salivating!
Thanks for another terrific post, blending old and new, enrichment and fun and FRIENDS!


I love being called a Dutch treat! Thank you

Karen Lerum

Couldn't help but notice some of the photos were taken by Robert Zumberge Sr. Sure miss times with your parents, Uncle George and Aunt Lois and of course, Paul and Florence.
Thanks for sharing this info...BTW I love licorice!

mara hunter redden

well...as usual my mouth is watering...except for the licorice , I've never acquired the taste, which is lucky since almost EVERY other sweet I love...and cheeses...yum ! And then the waffles I could eat one every day! love the sharing of your friends too...I remember Claire's name ! xoxo

Mark E. Dixon (EGRHS-'69)

In 2011, we did a two-week house exchange with a family in Rotterdam in 2011. Among other treats they left us was two packages of stroopwafel. Those were very popular.

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