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JoEllen Zumberge

I do apologize/apologise for the momentary lack of allowing comments on this post. Scott has fixed that. Please comment away!

Cousin Judy and Aunt Shirley

Happy Thanksgiving Jo, Scott and Sisi. What a lovely dinner. The goose pie looks delicious and a fabulous festive alteration for Christmas!

I roasted an organic turkey from the Larry Schultz Farm in Minnesota this year. And did it in what I think is Gram's "Lisk Self-Basting Roaster" that Mom inherited. Look it up on the Internet. It was quite the sensation in the early 1900's. Who knows when Gram bought it, probably had it delivered by Marshall Field & Co. truck in the 1950's. A little too big for her to carry home in a shopping bag.

Anyway, it did roast a lovely turkey! I had Jim and Mom and our Cousin Bob over of course. Bob's Dad, our dear Uncle Bill, my Dad's older brother, passed away, sad to say, a couple days ago, the day before Thanksgiving. We had a nice little dinner, looked through Grandpa L's photo album, and ended the evening with some Fannie Mae Pixies (turtles) that Cousin Bob brought with him. Tasty! Look forward to your Christmas post, one sooner would also be so delightful! xoxox

JoEllen Zumberge

CCI! My mom had one of these too! I knew I was going to recognize it before I even pulled the photo up on Google! Wow!

I am sorry to hear about your Uncle Bill passing, but I'm glad his family spent Thanksgiving with you and your mom.

I am jealous of the Fannie Mae Pixies.

Mara Hunter Redden

So wonderful! I feel like I was there in your busy kitchen!
Yummy!!! Someday I want to be there helping sipping and tasting !
Love you. Happy after Thanksgiving !!! Xoxo

Jill Farwell

Happy Thanksgiving Jo and Scott -- Sisi too! Love you! Jill

Tim Jones

Jersey City,
New Jersey,
US of A

Great to hear you guys are still enjoying yourselves.
We had our First Thanksgiving this year. Turkey and the works. Well not the sweet pots. Our "new" oven was a little too fierce and they were a little dark shall we say. Actually mostly carbon. But I did get nearly a quarter of a forkful! The Turkey was fab-you-luss darling! Quite a different flavour, sorry I don't speak perfect American yet, FLAVOR from your British Turkey. And another first: Pumpkin Pie. To die for.
Stay safe.

Cousin Judy and Aunt Shirley

Thank you CCII. When I come visit one day, we will make Pixies in your lovely kitchen overlooking the woods. I'll bring the USA-grown-in-Georgia pecans, you locate a good Belgian chocolate in Vienna, and Scott research a yummy recipe for carmel! Then we will do a You-Tube and present it to Shark Tank! Be thinking of a catchy name for them. Ha. xoxo


Wow...I can practically smell all the wonderful cooking going on in your kitchen! Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving meal with us! And happy Thanksgiving to you too! xo, J

Marje Bennetts

Very nice and such a feast and such effort! Chinese again for me and the Lasleys in Chinatown, our traditional non-tradition for Thanksgiving. Love to you both, Xox MB


Everything looks really yummy. We should have taken pictures of Lee's hard work in the kitchen especially the beautiful turkey. Glad to see you all cozy and happily going about the cooking project together. Love you lots


Happy Thanksgiving !! Looks delish. Where is Sisi?

Thanksgiving here in DC was punctuated by son Will mashing the potatoes. A first! I am hoping this will lead to more culinary adventures for him! :) A man who can cook is a treasure.

As always thanks for these posts. Love to you all

PS Would you send me a photo of the turkey baster cooker?
xox Ave

Cathy Z

I am so thankful that you send me these links so I can vicariously enjoy your well-lived life. The food looks yummy. We had two turkeys this year - one roasted by Mark and the other deep-fried by Linda. A few years ago we invested together in the turkey deep fryer; it moves back and forth from our house to theirs. We have had all of our kids here on and off this weekend. Miss you both and hope to make a plan to get together again soon. x

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