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Good job, the confit and sprouts look great. Tip: it is easy to make creme fraiche:

1 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons buttermilk
In a bowl, combine the cream and buttermilk. Cover with a clean kitchen cloth in a warm, draft-free place and let sit until thickened, but still a pourable consistency, 12 to 16 hours. Stir and refrigerate until ready to use. (Can be refrigerated for up to 1 week.)

JoEllen Zumberge

Well heck. I had both of those in the fridge this weekend. Thank you for that, dear Arlye!

xxxxx Jo

Karen Lerum

Okay...so now my mouth is watering. Curt also likes Gritzwurst but he has been in the family for almost 50 years now so he got to eat it when Grandma was still making it :-)

JoEllen Zumberge

Well I can't imagine what Grandma's tasted like, it's been so long. But I bet Grandpa actually made it, no? xxxx


Your dish looked more tasty than Keller's. Good job, Jo!

Allie Z O

You're so lucky your hubby has acquired the incredible taste for gritzwurst. I'm still working on mine. The duck looks beautiful!

JoEllen Zumberge

Allie: your grandma Marilyn didn't come to love it until she had four screaming little kids - 2 in diapers - and grandpa gone to the south pole for the winter. She was so happy to find something in the fridge to feed us all, I think she fell in love with it then! xxx


Looked very yummy Jo -- job well done!


I demand you teach me this one (with a full glass of savingoun - sh*t how do you spell that) - when I come again xxxoooxo

Cousin Jon

Hey JoJo

That euphoria is the aroma on the back porch at 3245 in the dead of winter. I was probably 4 years old and remember that place every time I open the allspice jar.

I'm expecting to see some wild boar grits wurst pretty soon. ..from the wild boar lodge. :-)
Pork or beef I love them both.
Bon appetite !

Cousin Carol

I remember making gritzwurst with you in Pasadena, yes? Gene and I found ready made gritzwurst at Mackenthun's Meat Market in St Bonifacius MN that was "similar" to the Zumberge recipe. The aroma takes me back to 3245 as well. And I don't remember Grampa Herb ever IN the kitchen except to make a highball (aka Presbyterian) or two. Those were the days…. good times and great memories.

JoEllen Zumberge

I must admit that I have absolutely no recollection of gritzwurst (I am compelled to spell it like my dad) at 3245. What I remember very well, is watching my dad as a little girl, as a teenager, and as an adult ready to make it myself. We did a video at and a photo history - both in San Marino and in Wilson - that are both now lost. But the recipe remains solidly in my head.

What on earth is a Presbyterian highball???

Cousin Judy and Aunt Shirley

Yes, what is a Presby Highball Cousin Carol? Please do post the recipe! You have our curiosity goin'!!!

Fabulous food, Jo! How does Sisi do with all these great food aromas? She must get waifed out before it's all done and on the table! I could have just reached right in your photos and taken a taste! Yummm, delicious!

mara hunter redden

Wow Jo....my Dad is smiling at you ! We grew up eating Bockwurst...and Knockwurst... because of my Dad. Today we often stop in Calimesa on our way to my Mom's in Rancho Mirage to buy these and other yummy German delights...my mouth was watering as I watched you cook and saw the beautiful meal you produced...you are my hero !
Love you.....me

JoEllen Zumberge

Mara: I remember your Dad eating scrapple (was it?) or sweetbreads, or something at breakfast one morning when you and I were out in Rancho Mirage for a weekend. I didn't know you like bockwurst and knockwurst. Yum! xxx

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