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Cousin Judy & Aunt Shirley

Yumma, yumma! Any leftovers???? I see you got your green dishes!!!!!!! Tell us the final story on them!


Gourmet meals every day. The royalty cooks!

JoEllen Zumberge

Judy, about those dishes: Scott was supposed to post about those plates when he bought them. He met the artisan in February at the Mangalica pig festival in Budapest. A couple of months later, he went back to Hungary and drove to the eastern border between Hungary and Romania where the guy lives and bought six dinner plates, salad plates and soup bowls, plus a big bowl for salad. In all they cost less than €100 for the lot. We're so happy to have them. They are not as fancy as the Portuguese plate given us as a gift by Scott's brother and girlfriend, but they compliment it nicely. And they are a lot less expensive!

JoEllen Zumberge

And about that chanterelle consommé: Scott read (online of course) that the best way to freeze chanterelles is to get the liquid out of them first. You do that by dumping the shrooms into a big saucepan and slowly heat them up on medium low for about 10-15 minutes. He rendered a good four cups of liquid gold which he then froze. Scott then used Hester Blumenthal's method of clarifying consommé: put the frozen block of liquid in a sieve covered with cheesecloth and hang over a bowl. Put all in the fridge and let it melt s l o w l y. It took three days but I'm here to tell ya - whoa. It was like liquid gold. Only needed a little bit of salt and pepper to bring out the flavor. (drool)


Yummmy !!!!
Thanks for sharing ! xoxoxo

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