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Nice porcinis! I read this at first as . I thought it was food, but LOL it was a growth

Allie Z

Reminds me of our trip to Innsbruck when I was 11. You and Dad told me stories about picking poisonous mushrooms when you were little.

JoEllen Zumberge

Allie - we have those pretty little red shrooms with white polka-dots here too - they're deadly! xx

Cousin Judy & Aunt Shirley

Loved your post! Bet the shrooms were delicious!!!!!! Happy Hunting!


Yummmm ! JB and I go crazy for the ceps. A cousin of ours who lives in Auvergne sends us some every year.
Of course I hope you did not rinse them but gently brushed the with a toothbrush !!!!


Awaiting the recipe for the wild mushroom soup.

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