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Can you conjure up a batch for July? xx


Hummm, just made me very hungry.


That's amazing and I'm thinking that I need some bacon for breakfast ASAP.

JoEllen Zumberge

Annabel: on it.

Cousin Carol

Oh you guys! You never cease to amaze me. And that home-cured bacon looks pretty amazing too. I'm drooling.


Pork belly is one of my very favorite cuts of meat! I need to go shopping right now!

Cousin Judy & Aunt Shirley

Yum, the best!!!! I just reached right in there to the picture and took a slice! It was delicious, absolutely fabulous. Weren't you missing a piece? And it wasn't Sis this time!

Great chef story you two!!!!

Nancy Anderson

I am going to forward this email to Luke & Meredith Anderson -- bacon fools -- who will love this post!
Thanks Jo and Scott.


Now I'm hungry for bacon -- and it won't be nearly as good as your super bacon! BTW, I remember going to Les Halles with you -- loved that place! xo

mara hunter redden

WOW ALL looks YUMMY !!! :)

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